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How to Purchase a Gift Card

- Go to (or download the ScheduleBliss app on your mobile device)

- Click on the "Pricing" header and select the last option "Onyx Yoga Gift Card" by clicking on Add to Cart


- Complete the Customize section in it's entirety and click Add to Cart

**NOTE If you fill in the recipients email address they WILL receive an email with details. To avoid this you can fill YOUR email into the "Recipient Email" line and forward to them once gift has been given so they can redeem.


- Review the screen and if it is correct click Proceed to Checkout


- You will Log in using your email and existing password. If you do not already have an account click Create New Account to set this up and Log In.

sign in to check out 4.PNG

- Lastly you will come to the Checkout screen where you will enter all of your personal information and complete the purchase.

place order now 5.PNG
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